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The porcelain pieces you are about to see in the Silver Ridge catalog represent my best effort over 30 years to become one of America's favorite potters. They have a contemporary style, with colors that not only match your kitchen or sofa but grab your heart as well. These pieces are meant to endure through the ages. They are fully functional, which means they go in the microwave and dishwasher. Please USE them. The rims are solid and rounded so they stand up to getting tossed around in the dishwasher or used by your kids. If they are not dropped, these pots should last for centuries and be used by your great grandchildren.

The textured items reflect the rural landscape and lifestyle of the community of Pulltight where I live. The wavy lines are the creek that runs through the property. The straight lines are the fields where corn grows in the summer and the deer and turkey live in the winter. The round bumps are the trees and bushes that make up much of the forested landscape. The square textures are the deer stands in the forest. You may also find a spider web or two.

My work has gained a wide following throughout the United States. It can be found in fine galleries, gift shops and boutiques as well as in the kitchen cabinets of homes everywhere.

I hope that you, too, will become a collector and user of these striking contemporary craft works. Please visit one of the many fine galleries listed under Gallery Placements. They carry a wide assortment of my pottery and can also special order any piece you see on this website. It is not practical for me to ship individual pieces. But if you are ever in the vicinity of the Silver Ridge Studio-- located in the Tennessee foothills of the Cumberland Plateau--please feel free to give me a call and schedule a visit. I am always looking for an excuse to sit on the front porch and share a glass of tea.



All pottery in this web site was photographed by John Bedessem

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